Data visualization using python and common libraries

by FreePNGimg

In order to work with data effectively, it is crucial to understand it’s basics. With data visualization we can improve our understanding of the information by presenting it in a visual context (such as graphs, charts, etc’), which allows trends and patterns to be more easily seen. That way we can get a clearer picture that will help us gain better insights and make better decisions.

Python offers many data visualization tools, but the most common ones are for no doubt Matplotlib and Seaborn. Seaborn is based on Matplotlib ( kind of a…

Noa Ehrenhalt, Neta Geva, Ron Levy, Yaniv Weiss, and Nofar Herman

The authors mentioned above are all equal contributors to this article and to the described project.

credit: NBC universal / Anuj Shrestha

The coronavirus is affecting 219 countries and territories, significantly impacting the health care system and economy of almost every country in the world. Hospitals are overflowing, unemployment rates are increasing, and most countries are currently in recession. As of late February 2021, Covid-19 has caused 2.5 million deaths and potential long-term impacts to the health of the 113 million individuals who have had the disease. A number of vaccines appear to be effective…

Nofar Herman

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